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Food For Kids.....A Healthy Meal Plan for Children

Food For Kids is a 7 day healthy meal plan for children developed by Chef Joseph Ciminera.  Chef Ciminera is the host of a PBS cooking show called Taste This TV!  For the past several years, Chef Ciminera, has researched and perfected his healthy meal plan to help fight childhood obesity.  He has brought his recipes and tips to a Food For Kids DVD. (Click here for info)  I was contacted by Taste This TV! to share this information with my readers.  

Here are some facts about childhood obesity from the TasteThisTV.com website.   

Almost 7 million American children and teenagers are believed to have high cholesterol levels.

Overweight kids are on a fast track to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, diseases that we usually associate with middle-aged adults.

Recent reports reveal that up to 40 percent of children with newly diagnosed diabetes have type 2 diabetes, the type closely associated with obesity.

Leisure time is so often spent watching television and DVD movies, playing computer games, surfing the web, or chatting on the internet, rather than outdoor play and activities.

Furthermore, portion sizes have increased quite dramatically leading children to consume more food.

Over the past two decades, the average portion sizes of food have increased by 50 to 135 calories, while the average beverage serving increased from 8 to 20 ounces.

Another factor that impinges upon the nutritional quality of a child's diet is the fact that many American families don't eat meals together very often.

Chef Joseph Ciminera presents a variety of healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes in his Food For Kids DVD.  Recipes such as:

Berry Banana Smoothies
Fruit Kebobs
Whole Wheat Pizza Muffin
Chicken Meatball Subs
Baby Pasta Primavera

The chef also gives eating and food tips that will help parents make better choices for their kids.  Tips such as:

Buy Multi-grain breads and Whole grain pastas
Buy cold cuts that do not contain nitrates
Use more olive oil instead of butter when cooking
Nuts, raisins and granola make great snacks
Cut sandwiches and vegetables in fun shapes (using cookie cutters) to keep food fun

Disclosure:  Taste This TV sent me the Food For Kids DVD for my review.

Chef Joseph Ciminera

As a mom of two teenage daughters, I am always challenged with providing them with balanced nutrition and better food choices.  I try to offer fruit and vegetables frequently.  I give them a variety of breads to make their school lunches with such as multi-grain, wraps or the new sandwich thins.  It isn't easy.  My daughters love chips, ice cream and desserts. (what kid doesn't, right?)  But, I know the more I offer them healthier choices, the more they will eat better which will follow with them into their adult life.  It really is all about balance.  I love to bake and I don't want to deprive my girls of special treats but I do want to teach them good eating habits as well.  Increasing fruits, vegetables and whole grains is not only good for my daughters, it's good for me and my husband too.

Do you have any tips and healthy meal choices that you provide for your family?  I would love to hear about them.  Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about them.  

Mom's Cooking Club Lesson:  There are hundreds and hundreds of choices when purchasing food in the grocery store and just as many choices when preparing meals in the kitchen.  I appreciate resources such as Food For Kids and the program that Chef Ciminera has developed.  Other great resources are:  Let's Move (Michelle Obama's initiative on fighting childhood obesity), USDA, plus so many great blogs like Meal Makeover Moms.  These are just a few examples of resources that will help you feed your family healthier and teach you about nutrition. 


Anonymous said...

Jamie: Here I was reading your blog as I often do, and to my happy surprise, at the bottom of your post I saw your mention of my website as a resource for families in search of healthy meal ideas (I hope that wasn't a run-on sentence). Thank you so much for linking to my site!
I have not seen the chef's DVD or TV show but I'll be sure to check them out.
I'm so excited by all the recent attention to the issue of childhood obesity. Michelle Obama has brought it front and center ... but chefs, bloggers, dietitains, and concerned parents have certainly helped to fuel the discussion. Let's just hope we can reverse the trend ... soon.
Thanks again for link and for your wonderful blog.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Healthy eating starts at home when we are just kids. Kudos.

Bridgett ~ La Bella Cook said...

I am always amazed at the horrendous eating habits of kids, especially friends of my children who tell me I need to buy cheetos, sodas and cookies so they can eat at my house!
You have the right idea and I commend you for making this stand right here on your blog. I stand right behind you on getting kids to eat healthier both at home and in schools.

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Hello kids don't really like the healthy food cause they say that it don't taste good cause all the good staff taste funny but that is the key lets make the healthy food taste like bubble gum no im just kidding but if we can make the food taste better the kids will eat it .

hypnosis smoking said...

My son doesn't like to eat healthy food. I know that this is important for his growth in the future, so I keep trying to give the food to him. Thank to your articles, I can follow and know many tips about healthy food for children. I will look forward to your next article.

Unknown said...

Hi Jamie,

Wonderful post. It’s great that you’re concerned with your children's health. It’s a major issue, and this new show is an excellent resource that parents can use to help ensure their own kid’s health. I will definitely be checking it out. Another thing that can help is involving teens and kids with the cooking. If they start cooking and eating with the family regularly, they will be able to learn to eat healthily and gain life skills in the process. Research has shown that kids that eat with their families do better in school, are healthier and have better communication skills.

That’s why I work with Healthy Monday, a nonprofit group behind a series of public health initiatives. Our brand new campaign is The Kids Cook Monday, which is a weekly chance for families to get together, cook, and take care of their health from the inside out. See more here: http://www.healthymonday.org/the-kids-cook-monday/. We are looking for family oriented blogs to help us spread the word about The Kids Cook Monday, through weekly posts. If you’re interested in taking part by doing weekly posts, please email me at mondaycampaigns@gmail.com.


MonaVie said...

Wonderful review. I hope some of the things tackled on that DVD will help me with my kid. He is a picky eater but slowly but surely am trying out new things on him to make him eat his food.

Extended Warranties said...

It's great to see children being presented with a more healthy approach to meals.

Blogger said...

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