Monday, April 12, 2010

Sherried Pineapple Pork Tenderloin - 5 Ingredients or Less from Cooking Light

I have been so busy lately.  Between my girls school and sports activities, my part-time job, keeping up with household chores, spring cleaning and errands, it leaves little time for anything else.  Also, I can't forget about one of my favorite things to do.....cook and bake.  That takes time too!  Are you as busy as I am?  I know you are. 

Well, maybe this month's Cooking Light Virtual Supper Club can help you.  Our menu is based on the theme, 5 Ingredients or Less.  I'm all about quick and easy meals, especially during the week when there are so many things going on.  You can make great tasting food with a few ingredients.

My selection was the main dish which was Sherried Pineapple Pork Tenderloin.  It was very flavorful and simple to prepare.  We ended up grilling our pork loin and making the sauce in a saucepan on the stove.

Click here for the Pork Loin recipe on

I also made a grilled pineapple salsa to go with the pork.  This was in the March 2010 Cooking Light Magazine.  It was with another recipe for pork chops and I thought it would go perfectly with my Sherried Pineapple Pork Tenderloin.  The salsa was excellent and it was only 4 ingredients.  It would go so well with other dishes like chicken, fish or shrimp.

Click here for the Grilled Pineapple Salsa recipe on 
Note:  just follow the directions for the pineapple salsa and remove the directions for the pork chops

What did all the other busy ladies in the Supper Club bring?  Here's the rest of the menu with links to their recipes and photos.

Jamie (me) from Mom's Cooking Club - Sherried Pinapple Pork Tenderloin
Helene from La Cuisine d'Helene - could not join us this month


Mom's Cooking Club Lesson:  If you are looking for more 5-ingredient recipes, check out the Cooking Light Fresh Food Fast Cookbook.  It has 250 5-ingredient recipes to help you get a meal together fast for those busy times or anytime.     


Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

This is such a fabulous addition to this months theme Jamie. When we lead such busy lives it is important to be able to save time since it is so valuable.

Aggie said...

Gosh that looks so good Jamie! I love the salsa you added to it. I can't believe how easy it all is! Great recipe!

Shelby said...

Looks delicious and I LOVE that salsa!

La Bella Cooks said...

I love a good pork tenderloin but the salsa really kicks it up. What a fun recipe.

Barbara Bakes said...

I'm in love with grilled pork tenderloin. This sounds fantastic!

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

Such a delicious Pork Tenderloin. I'll have to try this recipe.

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