Monday, August 16, 2010

The Kids Cook Monday with Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia

Sweet and Spicy Tilapia

Happy Monday everyone!  Welcome to a new feature that I will be sharing with you every Monday.  Healthy Monday is a non-profit group based on a series of public health initiatives. 

"It’s a movement of people and organizations who commit
every Monday to the behaviors and actions that will end
preventable disease in the U.S."

Healthy Monday has a new campaign called The Kids Cook Monday where their logo is, "Start your week off right: make Monday family night!"  When I was contacted by the people from The Kids Cook Monday Campaign and I read about their program, I knew this was a perfect fit for my blog.  On their website they state the following:

"When kids pitch in making meals, they’re empowered to consider the portions, the vitamins and the nutrients of what they’re eating. And since the family that cooks together eats together, parents can check in with their children during dinner."

I believe and follow this philosophy with my own family.  And I truly feel it makes a positive difference in your child's life, health and well-being. 

My first recipe for The Kids Cook Monday segment is a light and delicious Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia.  Check out the recipe details below and photos of my 2 daughters helping prepare the fish.

My daughter's Mariah & Marissa are 13 years old and they practically prepared the fish on their own.  I chopped the garlic but they measured and prepared all the other ingredients.  My one daughter, Mariah, is not a fan of seafood but she did eat a small piece of fish.  I find the more your kids help you in the kitchen, the more they will try foods that they may not like or may not think they like.

This tilapia had a slightly sweet, citrus flavor with a touch of spiciness.  But, not too spicy for younger age kids either.  It was simple to prepare and cook.  It's kid-friendly and adult-friendly as well.  Perfect for a Monday night meal to get your week started in a healthy way. 

This recipe is from Cooking Light and you can find the recipe link here at  

Pair this tilapia with Charred Vegetable Rice (click here for recipe) for a terrific side dish and a great way to get extra veggies.

I hope you found this recipe a good start to your weekly menu and an inspiration to have your kids help you prepare meals.  Come back next Monday for more time in the kitchen with The Kids Cook Monday

Disclosure:  The Kids Cook Monday people contacted me to participate in this weekly post.  This is not a compensated program but strictly a voluntary effort on my part.  Opinions, thoughts and feelings are my own.   

Marissa, me (Jamie) & Mariah showing off our healthy meal.  Job well done girls! 



Mom's Cooking Club Lesson:  Having your kids help in the kitchen is a great way to talk about ingredients and spices as well as teaching them cooking skills.  Note:  Keep an eye out when broiling the fish.  It took less than the 15 minutes recommended cook time and can burn easily if not watched.      


valerie harrison said...

This is easy enough for our kids but perfect for us kids at heart too:D

Jenny said...

What fun Jamie! Your kids are so lucky to have you! The tilapia looks and sounds incredible!

Laura Everett said...

Jamie , Yummy looking tilapia and so cool that the girls prepared it ! YAY for Mariah and Marissa :) And ... i Love all the pics !

pegasuslegend said...

what a great tilapia recipe always looking for new ways and this is a must try~

Pam said...

What a tasty and healthy dish... I love tilapia.

Barbara Bakes said...

So fun to have your daughters in the kitchen with you making a delicious meal. I can get my boys in to help make pizza or calzones, but I'll have to work at getting them to help with more meals.

Mom on the Run said...

This is a great campaign. I love this recipe and it looks like the kids really enjoyed helping out.

Aggie said...

Oh my gosh Jamie, this looks awesome!! I love this Kids Cook Monday feature!!! The girls are great helpers in the kitchen, I look forward to seeing what you guys are cooking up each week!

Patsyk said...

What a great idea! My boys love to cook, but we don't often have them cook dinner... going to have to make that a regular thing for us, too!

Cajun Chef Ryan said...

What time is dinner ready?

Making me hungry!

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