Monday, September 13, 2010

The Kids Cook Monday with Soft Black Bean Tostadas

Black Bean Tostadas

It's Monday again and that means it's time for The Kids Cook Monday!  My girls got in the kitchen with me to make these "oh so yummy" Black Bean and Chicken Tostadas.  We had fun making these tostadas because we each got to "build" our own with our topping choices.  My husband and I loved the salsa with the fresh tomatoes, avocado, green onions and lime juice.  For convenience, we used rotisserie chicken.  This was a great family dinner that we all enjoyed.   

So, as The Kids Cook Monday program says, "Start your week off right: make Monday family night!  Easy to do with a family friendly and healthy recipe like these Soft Black Bean Tostadas.     

This recipe is from Cooking Light.  Click here for the printable recipe on

I had other helpers in the kitchen today.  Say hi to Maximus and MJ!

The bean spread was easy and quick to prepare in my mini food processor.  A very good bean spread that would be great as a bean dip too.

The girls ate it burrito style. 


Mom's Cooking Club Lesson:  There are many variations you could do with this recipe.  You could leave the chicken off and go for meatless tostadas.  You could brown some lean ground beef with taco seasoning or saute/grill some shrimp instead of chicken.  You could also use whole wheat tortillas to make it even healthier.   


bellini valli said...

KIds love this that's fro sure. Another great recipe for kids cook Mondays.

Jenny said...

Such a fun post Jamie! Looks like you guys have a great time cooking together :) Have a great Monday!

Lisa said...

Great recipe for the kids to help with!

Aggie said...

I want one of those. what a great easy way to get the kids involved with dinner. I bet Sammy and Gina would enjoy this. I love the pic with M&M sitting and staring! LOL

Looks delicious!! mmm

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