Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Birthday Surprise - Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting

We spent this past weekend at my sister Maxine's house to celebrate the birth of her son's (my nephew's) second child, Brady. It was a family gathering with people coming from all over Florida. It just so happened that it was also my birthday. Now, I'm at the age where I really don't make a big deal about my birthday. I honestly don't want to focus on the fact that I'm a year older but none the less I got many birthday wishes and hugs. I also got a huge surprise when my sister-in-law, Aggie, sent these birthday cupcakes to the celebration. We've had many conversations how we both love chocolate and peanut butter.

All I can say is... thank you Aggie! These cupcakes were so rich, so full of chocolate flavor and the peanut butter frosting with the chopped nuts on top was the perfect combination. Please go to Aggie's updated blog site, Aggie's Kitchen, for this Barefoot Contessa cupcake recipe. I'm sure I can find another celebration soon to make these cupcakes myself.

My nephew Ben (father of Baby Brady)

My daughter Mariah and niece Janey

My nephew Andy

My great nephew, Brady, the newest addition to my family.
Sorry Brady. You have to wait a couple of years before you can eat one of these yummy cupcakes.

Well, this is me the birthday girl, celebrating my (blank) birthday!

(We all did...thanks Aggie!)

Mom's Cooking Club Lesson: Reconnecting. That's what we did this weekend. I got to spend time with my mother, some of my brothers and sisters (plus their spouses), nieces and nephews (plus spouses) and 2 great nephews. My daughters got to spend time with their grandmother, aunts, uncles and many cousins. Family time is so important and it was great to catch up with everyone's lives, reminisce and celebrate another addition to our family


Barbara Bakes said...

Happy Birthday! What a great way to spend it!

Aggie said...

I am cracking up!!! I love all the pics of everyone! I really missed seeing glad you enjoyed the cupcakes!! :)

Mary Ann said...

What a fun weekend and what a great surprise from Aggie! Love all the pics.
I have made this frosting multiple times- delicious!

Bellini Valli said...

Memories are created when family spends time together.

HoneyB said...

I love this post! AND I love the photo of you!! I'm glad you had a great birthday with your family!

Laura said...

Awwww !!! I am just now seeing this . HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY , Jamie !!!

the cupcakes look delicious :)

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