Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Special Birthday Celebration


There will be no recipe today. This blog post will be to wish my daughters, Mariah and Marissa, a very Happy Birthday! So, this will be dedicated to them today. I can't believe your father and I are parents of teenagers. Where has the time gone? You are both growing up to be wonderful young ladies.

We are very proud of both of you. You are both dedicated and hard working girls and you should be proud of your sports accomplishments, band achievements and school work. I know 7th grade is hard and there is alot of pressure and expectations on you but you are handling it well.

I want to thank my family and friends for the positive influence you've had on the girls and for loving them so much.

We love you Mariah and Happy 13th Birthday! - always keep laughing and being silly

We love you Marissa and Happy 13th Birthday! - always be yourself and stay creative

Live, Love, Laugh!!!

Marissa really enjoying her birthday cupcake at her Halloween Birthday Bash!

Mariah REALLY enjoying her birthday cupcake!

(I hope the girls don't get too upset I posted these photos but I think they look adorable with their cupcake faces)


Mom's Cooking Club Lesson: I hope my husband and I have taught my daughters many life lessons. We continue to do so every day. Through this blog and our every day life, I hope I'm also teaching them cooking, food and kitchen lessons. Recipes and skills that they will use in their adult life and pass on to their children one day.


Laura said...

Oh Jamie , This blog post is making me cry ! Your girls are so precious and you and Mike are the best parents . I am so thankful to live next door to such a wonderful family . HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY , Mariah and Marissa . Love you all :)

Aggie said...

Awwww...I'm tearing up!!!! I wish I was there to give each of them a great big hug. They are the sweetest girls and I can't believe how much they are growing up. XOXOXO

Larry said...

Damn, I'm sitting here crying like a baby and I have a conference call in 5 minutes.

Maxine said...

HAPPY 13TH BIRTHDAY Mariah and Marissa. Reading what your Mom wrote about both of you has made me cry!!!
We love you all.. have fun on your special day!!!
ps.. love those cupcake faces!!

Nancy said...

Jamie, That was a wonderful thought out tribute of Marissa and Mariah's 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Marrisa and Mariah. Have a great day. We all love you!! Make sure your Mom doesn't take too long of a break because we'll all start to get the Moms Cooking Club Blues...
Love Always,

Barbara Bakes said...

What a sweet post for your sweet daughters. I have 13 year old twin boys!

Bellini Valli said...

You can be very proud of your girls and what they have accomplished so far. They are growing up into beautiful young ladies.

Jamie said...

Thank You for all the very nice comments. It feels good to be a teenager.

Jamie said...

Thank you for all the wonderful comments. It was a fun celebration.


Laura in Paris said...

We also wish your beautiful daughters a happy happiest birthday!

HoneyB said...

Happy Birthday to your girls Jamie!

dh1argo said...

Sorry that I am late in wishing the girls a happy birthday--BUT happy birthday anyway!!! I remember you both coming into the Adecco office doing cartwheels everywhere--has that changed much? You both are very beautiful and I know how proud your mother and father are to call you both their daughters. Follow your dreams ladies!!!

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